Making Decisions

Making decisions can be difficult for all of us. Sometimes, we struggle even with simple decisions like choosing a meal off of a menu. As a result, we often procrastinate tasks that need to be done at home or work. Unfortunately, this procrastination can leave us feeling unproductive and unfulfilled.

“Sometimes…you get stuck on a decision. And sometimes you get stuck on every decision, which is when indecisiveness gets in your way. It can affect your anxiety, mood, thoughts, and actions – all of which, unfortunately, fuels further indecisiveness” (95).

One simple technique for counter-acting this tendency is to start your day by making some simple decisions. When you get out of bed, decide “I’m going to make my bed.” Then do it. When you get to work, write down two or three simple tasks that you’d like to accomplish. Then do them. Start with simple tasks and then work your way up to more challenging tasks.

“When you exercise a muscle, it gets stronger, and the exercise makes it easier to work out the next time. Similarly, every time you make a decision instead of procrastinating, worrying, or acting impulsively, you strengthen your decision-making circuit for the future” (106).


What is one thing you’d like to accomplish this morning?

Korb, Alex. The Upward Spiral. New Harbinger Publications, Inc. 2015.

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