Welcome to Daily Lessons for Kids

When my youngest child turned 4 and my oldest was 9, I felt a deep shift in our family. I have heard the time when children are between the ages of 4-12 years old referred to as the golden age of parenting, and I would have to agree. My kids are old enough to get dressed by themselves, but young enough to still think I know everything! They are young enough to still fit snuggly in my lap, and yet old enough to have meaningful conversations while there. I want to make good use of this fleeting time by teaching them valuable skills, thoughts, and patterns of behavior that will benefit them – and those around them – for the rest of their lives.

I have read extensively over the years, and from each book that enlightened me, I pulled out quotes and thoughts. I have put these ideas into a series of bite-sized lessons for kids. These are designed to be 3-minute daily lessons that can be read over breakfast or dinner or as a nightly ritual before bed. They will train kids’ brains (and yours) to think about life’s experiences in productive, positive and powerful ways. They will provide you with a shared vocabulary for important and life-changing family discussions. 

I believe if our children can internalize these ideas about human nature and have these thoughts as part of their inner voice, they will be better equipped to handle the world.

Author: Mini Gems for Kids

I live in Santa Barbara California with my husband and 3 kids. Reading is a favorite past-time and lifeline in my life. I feel giddy with excitement when I find valuable wisdom and inspiration in books. This is my space to share these life-changing lessons in bite-sized format for my kids. I believe with the right information, they can train their brains to think about life’s experiences in productive, positive and powerful ways.

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